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Ice Diving 2002 Information

Omni Divers Underwater Services, L.L.C. Ice Diving 2002 Information

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Ice Diving Photographs of Spokes on the Ice from 2001 at Payette Lake, Idaho
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The Great Ice Diving Adventure

January 2002 Ice Diving Adventure:

We are going Ice Diving Jan 25 - 26 - 27, 2002, at Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho and we would like for you to join us.

We are planning on food at Omni Divers (my place) (anything special you like?), after you check in at the hotel and follow me to my place.

The hotel I can secure for you is near the airport so there should not a problem getting back to the airport, unless it snows on Monday am. Then it gets slippery.

Additional Ice Diving Information

Bring a topside camera, the 2-hour drive up to McCall, Idaho is very scenic.

Weather is 8 - 10 degrees in McCall at night. Bring warm water proof clothes.

lists the current weather

see you all friday night

We will start about 7 pm in Boise, we will provide some food while I lecture, so if you could get to Boise about 6 or before, that works.

Please let me know your itinerary so I can meet you at the airport or at an exit off the freeway.

If you get me a credit card number I can use it to make your hotel reservations in Boise.

You will need a room in Boise on friday night (and sunday night), you will need to rent a car (if you are flying in) from the airport to hotel to lecture site to motel.

Then we caravan to McCall on Saturday am to the dive site then to the hotel to dinner in McCall. (I can make a room reservation for you on Saturday night in McCall).

After we get to McCall we then drive to the dive site.

We dive.

Then head to the motel.

Then we head to dinner, then back to the motel.

On Sunday, we get up, head to breakfast then to the dive site. After we finish diving we head to Boise then to motel then to airport on Monday am.

You will need a room on Sunday night fly out Monday am.

We will be diving fairly shallow and fairly early on Sunday so a morning flight on Monday is fine.

let me know, we and I are looking forward to it.

Ice Thickness Report

Here's the scoop..

US Forest Service office 208-634-0700

Fire Department non-emergency 208-634-7070

Police Department non-emergency 208-634-7144

Idaho Fish and Game 208-634-8137

Ice Diving Feb 22 - 23 - 24, 2002

We are going Ice Diving Feb 22 - 23 - 24, 2002, at Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho and we would like for you to join us.

Lecture is Friday evening, from 7 pm - 9 pm, Feb 22th in Boise at Omni Divers.

Text cost is $35.00 plus tax and Instruction fees are $250.00 and certification fees are $25.00 plus tax.

Then, Feb 23th, we drive north to Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho. We cut the hole then dive, twice. Then off to dinner in McCall, then to the motel and get a rest.

Then up on Feb 24st, for the third required and fourth optional dives. We then clean up the ice and hole and head to back to Boise. We should be back about 5 - 6 pm, roads and weather permitting.

RSVP, so I can make motel reservations, get a head count and check to see if we have enough snow shovels.


As in the past we need help, so any certified ice divers who would like to attend and provide some surface or in water support, it will be greatly appreciated.

Phil Graf

P.S. We are doing this again on March 15 - 17, 2002, join us for the cool fun.

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please e-mail us at

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