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This page last updated on November 19, 2000.

Omni Divers Ice Diving Information

What: Ice Dive
Where: Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho
High Altitude: 5,280 feet in altitude
Nearest Airport: Boise, Idaho
When: Year 2001
Dates: January or February or March 2001
Schedule: Saturday, Leave Boise, 9 am, Arrive dive site 11 am. Cut hole, shovel snow around hole, shovel spokes, Dive #1 and Dive #2, replace ice cutout, dinner, motel.
Schedule: Sunday, Breakfast, reopen hole, finish required 2nd dive (if not completed on Saturday) and 3rd dive and optional 4th dive, replace ice cutout, drive back to Boise.
Instruction Fee: $250
Required Text: $25
Prerequisites: Advanced Diver or equivalent (deep and navigation dives)
Classroom: Friday evening, three (3) hours, in Boise, ID
Transportation: To dive site, rental cars are available, approximately $40/day
Web Site:
Web Site:
Telephone: 1-888-omnidive
Telephone: 1-888-666-4348
Rooms, McCall, ID: Can be arranged
Rooms, Boise, ID: Can be arranged
Room Cost: Additional, approximately $75/night, require 3 nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Meals: Additional, approximately $35/day
Package: We can make all the reservations, if you would like
Provider: Omni Divers Underwater Services, L.L.C.
Address: 5579 Turret Way
Address: Boise, ID 83703-3230
Local Phone: 208-345-1990
Owner/Manager: Phillip E. Graf, PADI Master Instructor, Ice Diving Instructor
Training Facility: IANTD EANx Training Facility #833

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